Meet Our Dedicated Team of Education Enthusiasts

Nagendra Singh

A phenomenal growth of technical education in past decades have generated the need for the students to set high goals. Students getting guidance thrive well in the competition and I believe that every student deserves such guidance and awareness for I see potential in each. Navodaya have given birth to a number of successful personalities. Navodaya students are hardworking and brilliant. As a Navodayan I feel my humble duty to dedicate all my efforts for betterment of great Nation by providing guidance to the students. This is my dream. To make this dream comes true Ex Navodayan Foundation(ENF) has been created. 

Board of Directors

Brijesh Singh

I believe that success is not a one-day Endeavour, but rather a result of persevering efforts. Success in competitive exams depends on your ability to compete with others. As Charles Darwin stated in the struggle for survival “the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment” The fittest in the context of IIT/NEET exams, the most intelligent and hardworking may not be the winner, rather the one who adapts himself to the changing pattern of the exam.

Deepak jaju

Competition is a race in which checking of thing occurs. A person requires confidence, sincerity, dedication, and a beautiful dream of AIM for winning the race. There are two kinds of people, one brilliant & another hard-working, both can win the game.

Arun Tiwari

The medical field is part of the social field which is spreading on a large scale nowadays, and we are feeling proud of being part of that. As for Biology part, it’s very interesting and creates the problem of leveling effect in scoring the marks in medical exams, so it should be strong

Dharmendra Singh

When I think about education in every region of India, I get surprising results in success rates in different fields, particularly engineering, and medicine. Students which are awarded and got the opportunity for exposure in all the streams of career do well, at the same time, some potentially sounded students do not achieve their goals due to lack of guideline and awareness despite that they deserve.

The Management Team

Kanhaiya Singh

(Chief Of Fund Raising)

Shruti Jaju

(Senior program manager)

Deepika Singh

(Senior program manager)

Sonu Singh

(Admin Head)

Akhilesh Mishra

(Technical Head)

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